Nonprofit Case Studies

I've led countless fundraising and engagement initiatives — to finance capital projects, build community partnerships, engage volunteers, create brand awareness, and much more. In this series of real-world nonprofit case studies, I'll explain how the ability to anticipate, adapt, improvise, and overcome has helped me deliver exceptional results.

Nonprofit Case Studies

Bonnie Hawksworth presents a real-world fundraising and engagement case study about crowdfunding the Lydick Bog boardwalk project.

Lydick Bog Boardwalk – A Nonprofit Case Study

By Bonnie Hawksworth | 11/30/2022

Good storytelling is the key to fundraising and outreach success. In fact, if you can craft a compelling narrative, you can effectively connect with supporters. Learn how we told the fascinating story of Lydick Bog, near South Bend, Indiana. (rendering courtesy Troyer Group)

Bonnie Hawksworth presents a real-world fundraising and engagement case study about creating community partnerships for a nature-themed art workshop.

Nature in the Arts – A Nonprofit Case Study

By Bonnie Hawksworth | 11/30/2022

Community partnerships are a great way to embrace new initiatives. They can build trust and credibility, increase brand awareness, and grow an organization. Learn how we forged strong community partnerships to bring Nature in the Arts to life.

Canada bloodroot, Sanguinaria canadensis, a harbinger of spring in the upper Midwest

Virtual Spring Benefit – A Nonprofit Case Study

By Bonnie Hawksworth | 11/30/2022

When life gives you lemons … make lemonade. Read how the global pandemic derailed a land trust’s key the Spring Benefit, its most important annual fundraising event. And how the potential disaster created an exciting opportunity to reinvent the celebration and reach new audiences.


"The organization achieved its fundraising and ambitious capital improvement goals thanks to Bonnie's leadership. Her involvement with completing the accreditation application, developing program grant proposals, and securing support from new funding sources was greatly appreciated. She took on the supervision of additional staff and has demonstrated this is an area where she is highly effective."

Kris Krouse
Executive Director, Shirley Heinze Land Trust

"During my time working with Bonnie, I experienced an exemplary employee. Bonnie was viewed as a leader by her peers and volunteers. Other employees sought Bonnie’s advice for their projects. Bonnie was always open to brainstorming about any project and often led the way for improvements to processes and allowed others to see a different point of view."

Vicki Sparks
Former Colleague & Volunteer

"As far as [Bonnie's] ability to organize a spectacular and appealing formal Fundraiser Benefit for three hundred guests or a simple cultivation event, she has been the best ... She was terrifically organized and brilliant! She has been extraordinarily hard working and unselfish. At the same time, she has kept the work at a reasonable level by simplifying old ways of doing things and by coming up with innovative ideas which have been very positively received."

Anne Walsh
Former Board Member & Volunteer

"We invited Bonnie to speak to the [Chesterton-Porter Rotary] club. Her presentation was so dynamic and her style so personable, we invited her to join on the spot. Within months she had taken on a leadership role as Youth Services Director ... including administering college scholarships, organizing our “Student of the Month” award, and supporting our local 'Interact' youth club."

Jane Delligatti
Past President, Chesterton-Porter Rotary Club

"Bonnie is an inspired creator. She always is asking what else is possible, and she commits 110% to any project she undertakes. As a professional, Bonnie understands how not-for-profit organizations work and how to engage and inspire teams of people as they create and commit to their vision. To Bonnie, Mission matters. She is a master at branding and clearly identifying for the public and potential supporters the heart of what an organization is all about."

Suzy Vance
Owner, Suzy Vance LLC
Video Podcaster, Creating from the Heart: The Artistry of Living

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

— Pablo Piccaso

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