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Get to Know Lydick Bog

Bonnie Hawksworth talks with Jackie Jerlecki, host for CBS-TV's South Bend affiliate WSBT, about Lydick Bog, a sphagnum bog, one of the rarest habitats in the state.

Posted by Bonnie Hawksworth | 03/25/2022

Insights: The Shirley Heinze Land Trust Newsletter

Current and new audiences must be engaged in a variety of ways. In addition to regular email and social media campaigns, for Shirley Heinze Land Trust Bonnie produced a more in-depth, bi-annual newsletter highlighting success stories, new developments, and plans for the future.

Exploring the New Boardwalk at Lydick Bog

South Bend Tribune outdoor adventures columnist Joseph Dits checks out the newly-finished boardwalk at Lydick Bog Nature Preserve in South Bend. Bonnie led the effort to fundraise for the large capital project. She specified and oversaw the installation of the eco-friendly restrooms, as well.

Posted by Bonnie Hawksworth | 02/02/2022

How to Host a Virtual Fundraiser

Many non-profits were challenged to continue fundraising and outreach efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bonnie joins a Zoom conference, hosted by the Legacy Foundation, to discuss how she organized a week-long virtual event that exceeded Shirley Heinze Land Trust's highest expectations.

Posted by Bonnie Hawksworth | 07/22/2020

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